What Makes Managed WordPress Hosting Ideal for Startups?

What Makes Managed WordPress Hosting Ideal for Startups?

Digitization of the world has led to innovation and launch of many new ventures. These startups are riding the wave of technology to reach out to as many customers as possible and carve a place for their brand in the highly competitive world market. In such a landscape, the website plays a very important role. A good website can help them get further investment and even increase sales. Most startups find the entire process of building, promoting, and managing a website, overwhelming. While you manage the generation of content and site promotion, a good hosting partner can certainly help you take care of the technical aspects of a website.

Many startups are opting for WordPress as the platform to build their websites due to the ease of creating one. However, most startup owners seem unsure when it comes to choosing a host best suited to their business. With options like shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, managed WordPress Hosting, etc., find the best fit can be confusing. After reviewing various hosting plans, I found that Managed WordPress Hosting is ideal for startups. Here’s why…

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting for Startups


Remember, cheap and cost-efficient are two different things. While you can’t afford to spend a lot on web hosting, opting for the cheapest plan can leave you with a bad host, high downtimes, slow website speed and many other problems which can cost you dearly. Managed WordPress Hosting plans are designed to offer the best hosting services which include pre-installed WordPress, automatic backups, automatic updates of WP Core and database, advanced security checks, etc.  with the help of a dedicated support team for WordPress websites in a cost-efficient manner.


Usually, a bootstrapped startup starts with a simple landing page. In such cases, a shared hosting plan works just as fine. However, as the company starts generating more content and promoting it, the site traffic starts increasing. Based on the response, the firm might decide to introduce eCommerce features on the site. Basically, the website will grow and so will the traffic with the startup. Most WordPress Hosting providers offer easy and instant scalability of resources.


Being a startup, most users are unaware of your brand. Your marketing and promotion activities manage to get a few visitors to your website. However, the site takes a long time to load. What do you think will be the user response? More often than not, the users will abandon the site and probably leave with a not-so-good brand image. With integrated caching and CDN, WordPress Hosting plans can boost the speed of your website by up to 1000%!

Automatic Updates

WordPress offers easy to make websites with thousands of option for customizability. However, being an open-source platform, the developer community keeps updating the platform to enhance the speed, security, and to add new features to WordPress. Hence, it is important that you update your WordPress regularly. While updates can be done with a single click, keeping a tab on updates can be bothersome, especially for a startup owner who already has thousands of tasks on his plate. WordPress Hosting plans usually offer automatic WordPress updates as a part of the plan.


WordPress has hundreds of free security tools which can be run by the site owners. However, your website holds sensitive and important data which needs high levels of security. Most WordPress Hosting providers scan your website regularly and look for viruses or malware, automated backups, and data mirroring to ensure that your website data is secure.

Building, running, and managing a website is undeniably a daunting task. However, with Managed WordPress Hosting plans you can focus on creating and promoting content that can help your business grow. Remember, in the startup phase, you need as much help as you can get and a good hosting provider certainly goes a long way in offering a good platform for your WP website. Research well and choose meticulously.