Tips on reducing Bounce Rate of your website

Reducing bounce rates is the key to increasing the conversion rates for your website. High bounce rates make your visitors give up on your website on the first page only. You are deprived of the chance of converting potential customers. Now, this might be unhealthy for the growth of your business. A higher bounce rate is an alarm for you to cross-check your strategy. A small error in your policy can land your website with a high bounce rate.

Tips on reducing Bounce Rate of your website

Identifying the problem and fixing it will help you reduce the bounce rate of your website. Some of the ways of reducing bounce rate are listed below.

Increase your Website Speed

With the fast-moving busy world, a slow landing page is not acceptable to the visitors. Waiting is going out of fashion. Visitors immediately abandon your website when it takes time to load. Customers want to be connected to your site within seconds. Slower your website speed higher will be your bounce rate. In order to attract more potential customers, you have to employ strategies to increase your website speed. Higher is the speed of your website. Higher will the conversion rate.

Improve Readability of your Website

While designing websites, readability is often neglected by most business. But it is one of the essential aspects of your website. Readability not just includes the right font size and style. But it is all about the overall view of your website. Proper background complementing the writing of your content is essential. The right amount of spacing and margins also help in giving your site an attractive look. Crafting a better quality website with high readability attracts more visitors.


Inadequate and irrelevant content are the main reasons for higher bounce rates. Such contents leave the customers annoying. Enhancing the quality of your web content is highly efficient in reducing the bounce rates. Drafting your content with relevant information is very important. Well-crafted writing with the appropriate heading and subheading make up excellent content. Unnecessarily increasing the length of the content is a waste. Fill your content with just the right amount of information. Updated content is highly appreciated. Additional images, graphs, and quotations can help make the content look more appealing.

Mobile Friendly

Make sure your website is mobile friendly. In today’s time, most of the people are busy with their mobile phones. Rather than computers and laptops, people spend most of their time on their cell phone. In such a situation making your website, mobile friendly can prove to be beneficial for your business. When your potential customers can connect your website easily through their Smartphone, chances of conversion are high. With a mobile-friendly website, customers can have access to the business anywhere and everywhere. However, this is hugely helpful in reducing bounce rates.

Improvement of your Credibility

Customers find it difficult to believe in new business. With fake companies grow more and more, showcasing your credibility has become critical. Only after doing thorough and smart research about your business, your customers will show interest in your product or services. Moreover, to show your credibility, your website must display genuine reviews about your business. On the other hand, showcasing your quality scores, certifications, and awards can act as proof of your credibility.

Increase the use of Internet Friendly Images

Using more internet-friendly images can automatically increase the speed of your website. Large size images with high resolution tend to decrease the speed of your website. Loading of such photos takes more time. It leads to more waiting time for customers and thus, high bounce rates. To reduce the bounce rates, optimizing the images and making it internet friendly is essential. You can maximize the image through cropping, compressing, and resolution modification of the photos.

Success Stories

Websites are having the success stories of their business attract more customers. Success stories help customers know about the company more. Having a testimonial section on your website can help you increase conversion rates. The testimonials let your customer speak in favor of your business. New customers are more likely to believe the experience of your past customers. You can showcase the testimonials of your clients in the form of writings or audios or videos.

Reduce Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are annoying to your customers. While going through your website, pop-ups create an unnecessary disturbance. It leads customers to abandon your site. To reduce the bounce rates, make sure your website has the least pop-ups. You can either limit the pop-ups or altogether avoid them.