Strategies To Make Tumblr SEO Friendly

When it comes to social networking and blogging, a lot of people tend to overlook Tumblr and what it can offer in terms of furthering your business’ online presence. Tumblr is, essentially, a quick and easy way to write a blog for your business. But, whilst you’re setting your Tumblr account up, how do you make it SEO friendly?

Strategies To Make Tumblr SEO Friendlyimage source

Tumblr URLs

Each time you create a new post, you should create a custom URL for it, as search engines will index this and help with your SEO. You can do this in the right sidebar options section, and Tumblr will automatically replace any spaces with hyphens for you. You should use the title of the post for the URL as well as relevant keywords. In terms of SEO, avoid the use of words like ‘and’ or ‘the’.

Tumblr Domain Name

Once you have signed up for a Tumblr account, you are given the option to create a custom domain name. If you are hoping to implement an effective SEO strategy, you should make sure that you do this – use your existing domain name. Not only will this make your Tumblr account appear more professional, it will use SEO to make it easier for users to find you.

Image Descriptions

Whenever you upload a picture or photograph, you should include a cohesive description, as this is highly beneficial for SEO. Be sure to use relevant keywords, and it is suggested that using hyphens between words (eg. “me-holidaying-in-France”) is also useful for applying SEO to your Tumblr account.

Keyword Rich Tags

Unlike some of the other social networking sites and websites in general, using relevant keywords in your Tumblr tags is actually very beneficial to SEO. By modifying the <title> tag to reflect your post’s title and summary, you are ensuring that it is more likely to show up on searches. Modify the Meta tag to increase SEO for the post title and description.

External Links

As search engines will rank website higher based on the amount of external links that its pages have, it is always beneficial for SEO to make your posts easy for people to link to. Including links to any of your other online profiles, such as your website, Facebook, Twitter and so on, is also great for boosting SEO.

When it comes to creating a Tumblr page, SEO should always be at the forefront of your mind, as it will increase your chances of ranking better with the various search engines. Although a lot of people will argue that there isn’t much SEO when it comes to Tumblr, the above SEO tips prove that there is plenty you can do to optimise your account.