School Of Communication And Information Engineering

Information EngineeringAgricultural Engineering is the engineering discipline that strives to apply engineering science to agricultural production and farming. The evolution of the part of technology is tied to scientific and technological advances in the field of information and facts technologies, the pressures of an increasingly competitive atmosphere and adjustments in the style of methods for managing the business.

Whilst other Information Engineering programs in Hong Kong are closer to Electronic Engineering, our BEng in Computer Science (Information Engineering) system, CSIE, is one of a kind in that its emphasis is on software program elements of Information Engineering.

Calculus I, II and III (Differential, Integral, Multi-variable), Linear Algebra Physics (Heat and Sound, Electricity and Magnetism, Principals of Contemporary Physics Chemistry I (Inorganic), Chemistry II (Inorganic) Statics and Strength of Materials Engineering Dynamics Engineering Circuit Evaluation I & II Engineering Thermodynamics Personal computer Science I & II English Literature, English Composition Micro Economics, Macro Economics Principals of Accounting I & II and Engineering Electives.

Tactical and Operational Modeling: This makes use of the exact same strategy as for strategic modeling, but focuses on tactical enterprise units – expanding into tactical attribute detail and later operational attribute detail for physical database generation and installation.

At the very same time you will acquire vital key competencies in the fields of Scientific and Technical Communication”, Intercultural Management and Intercultural Competence” as nicely as Innovation Management” and will have the opportunity to specialise by selecting lectures and modules out of the 4 tracks mentioned above.