MilesWeb Review 2018: Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Earlier, WordPress was only used as a blogging platform. But over the past few years, WordPress has expanded itself into websites too. Right from a hobby website to an e-commerce website, almost any website can be built in WordPress these days. The main reason why WordPress website is so popular is that it is free and open source platform. Not much of the technical skills are required to build a website in WordPress.

Once the website is developed you need to host this website on a web server to make it available for the users on the web. A WordPress hosting provider will meet the need by hosting your website on their server.  There are numerous WordPress hosting providers in the market. You need to pick the one that is fully managed, and provides a variety of features at an affordable cost.

MilesWeb is one such web hosting provider that offers cheap WordPress hosting services with prominent features and is completely managed. Their technical experts take complete care of your server and its maintenance.

MilesWeb never misses a chance to attend the WordCamp events and they are the silver sponsor of WordCamp in India. They offer excellent technical support to their clients and operate 24/7/365. They guarantee an uptime of 99.95% and also have a refund policy. Besides WordPress, their web hosting service comprises of dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, cloud server, cPanel hosting, VPS hosting and much more.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

In managed WordPress hosting, all the administrative tasks like backup, security and updates are taken care of by the web hosting provider. Besides this, they also ensure your server is optimized and that it fulfills the complete need of your WordPress website.

MilesWeb understands that not all the users building their website in WordPress are a tech geek. Therefore, MilesWeb provides complete managed hosting for their WordPress hosting clients. You can simply focus on your business while all the other server tasks will be controlled by MilesWeb.

Features of MilesWeb WordPress Hosting:

Server Level Caching

To manage complex caching plugins, LiteSpeed cache is integrated on MilesWeb servers. This helps to boost your WordPress website performance. Their WordPress hosting also supports WooCommerce, Yoast SEO a bbPress.

SSD storage

An SSD drive uses flash memory mechanism to store the data on the drives. While traditional hard drives use spinning mechanism for this purpose. This makes the difference in the speed they deliver. MilesWeb servers are inherent with these SSDs to increase the deliverability of your web pages.

Preconfigured WordPress

MilesWeb server is pre-installed with the WordPress software. This saves a lot of time of yours as the time-consuming process of searching, downloading and installing WordPress is reduced.

Automatic updates

You don’t need to manually check and download updates for your WordPress platform. All these updates will be installed manually with the help of backend software that MilesWeb has.

Jetpack features

MilesWeb has all the features that Jetpack license includes. They have partnered with Jetpack and are the first in India to build this partnership. The MilesWeb plan includes Jetpack Free, Premium and Professional features with them. These features are used to fully customize your WordPress website.

Free SSL

Lets Encrypt SSL is included with all the WordPress hosting plans of MilesWeb. Every single website that will be hosted with MilesWeb will by default have an SSL.

An SSL certificate helps to keep all the data secured that is transmitted between the visitor’s browser and web server. This includes all the online transactions such as debit card, credit card, login details- username and password and other sensitive information. The security is maintained by encrypting all this data that is transferred.

Plans and Pricing of MilesWeb WordPress Hosting

MilesWeb has two separate plans for their clients. WordPress hosting with Jetpack Free features and other – WordPress hosting with Jetpack Premium/Professional features. There is only one difference between these two packages- one of them offers Jetpack free license and other offers Jetpack Premium and Professional license.

The names of the plans that have Jetpack free license are Ace, Heart, Spade and Diamond. While the names of plans that have Jetpack Premium is Jack and Queen. The King plan contains Professional license of Jetpack.

MilesWeb Review 2018: Best Managed WordPress Hosting


The Ace plan starts just at Rs.69 per month. You have 1 GB of storage space to host your website including a Free SSL and Jetpack free version. This plan is suitable mostly for a website that can have approximately 500 monthly visitors.

If you want more disk space for your website you can consider getting Heart plan of MilesWeb. It has 5 GB of SSD storage, with 10 email accounts and supports 10,000 monthly visitors. Free SSL and Jetpack free version is by default included.

The Spade and Diamond plan have unlimited storage and unlimited email accounts, containing free SSL and Jetpack free version. The only difference is that Spade plan supports 20,000 monthly visitors and Diamond plan supports 30,000 monthly visitors.

MilesWeb Review 2018: Best Managed WordPress Hosting

The Jack plan is mostly suitable for startups and small businesses. You get 5 GB SSD storage, 10 email accounts with this and Jetpack Premium features, including Free SSL and support 10,000 monthly visitors.

The Queen plan is appropriate for Pro bloggers that may have 20,000 monthly visitors. This plan has unlimited storage and unlimited email accounts. By default free SSL is included in this plan and as mentioned previously Jetpack Premium features.

The King plan also has unlimited disk space and unlimited email accounts in addition to Jetpack Professional features and free SSL.

Please note-

  • All the above plans except Ace plan have 35% discount on its actual price.
  • MilesWeb has different prices for different server locations (India and US, for their WordPress hosting plans.)

The Bottom Line

MilesWeb ensures you get complete features at affordable prices and thus they have plans built accordingly. These plans not only include hosting specific features but also Jetpack features are integrated with their plans that have dozens of additional features.