Is it Very Easy to Develop Web Design?

Is it Very Easy to Develop Web Design?

To develop web design is not enough just to install a powerful graphics editor on your personal computer. At least you have to learn how to use this editor. And to develop a very good and attractive web design that will be able to attract your target visitors you must also learn the basics of web development, Internet marketing, psychology …

To develop web design is not an easy task because a website is not only good but also functional. That should make a positive impression on the visitors. This impression can be achieved because of the right choice of website background, fonts, color gamma, decorative elements, competent settings of all page elements.

For example, the choice of website background depends in many ways on the type of page layout, e.g. Is it flexible or fixed width. If the page layout is improved, the website content is located in a column that has a fixed width. If the width of the computer screen exceeds the width specified by the fixed column, a lot of “free space” appears. Does this space look normal? You should consider this question beforehand.

When you develop web design, you should always consider that the designs contained on paper and the designs contained on the Web can be felt in very different ways. For example, serif fonts look very attractive when printed on paper and it’s easy to read books or newspapers with serif fonts. But serif fonts are very difficult to see from a computer’s display; they are very tiring for vision. Therefore it is better to use sans-serif fonts (Arial, Helvetica, Verdana) during web design development.

When you develop web design, you must also remember that the majority of Internet users only install standard fonts. The rest of the fonts are often paid for (for example, fonts developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated) and not all internet users can afford to buy their own. The use of paid fonts like that in your website’s web design is inappropriate.

Usually, the choice of the site’s gamma color is based on an analysis of the needs of the target audience of the site. For example, the target site visitors who belong to companies that produce copper pipes in many cases are representatives of companies that sell copper pipes or use them in their own factories. Would such targeted visitors like the “acid” color gamma of website design? Will they find interesting and trustworthy websites? We don’t think they will do it.

Decorative elements used during web design development must fulfill the intended purpose – their purpose is to decorate the site. If decorative elements are overused in website design, if they prevent visitors from seeing information on the site, those elements are harmful to the site.

The non-professional development of web design can produce a number of errors which have a negative influence on the effectiveness of the site. The following are just a few of the most common mistakes.

Photos depicting corporate activities of too low quality or compression artifacts. This directly attacks the eyes of visitors and reduces their level of trust in the company.

The text on the site is typed in a very small font or the font color is practically identical to the background color. This prevents visitors from learning information on the site because the font is very tiring for the eyes.

The background color is too bright, varies. Text getting lost in such a background, it is difficult for visitors to read anything.

Along with the errors listed there are also many other mistakes from developing web design. All of these errors may be rude or minor, but the results are always the same – visitors leave the site, they don’t buy company items or order their services. And if a visitor doesn’t convert into a client, the site doesn’t perform its function.

Developing a website means giving your company a powerful tool that stimulates purchasing activities (or any other activity if your site is non-profit). Therefore, only professional web designers can develop web designs that will meet all modern requirements.