How to Find Design Inspiration in Five Ways

How to Find Design Inspiration in Five WaysThere are many creative professionals out there like designers, actors or singers. As a starter, you will have your moments when you feel glassy-eyed and uninspired. You wait for inspiration to hit you, hopeful that your big break will come one day. Maybe you have even tried undergoing internships to find a mentor. If you are lucky, you would find a role-model always full of brilliant ideas. In less fortunate cases, you might find others like you, waiting for divine inspiration to strike.

Actors can mimic others perfectly without much effort to build interpretations of their own characters. Singers can do the same to achieve beautiful music without effort to find their own voice. Likewise, designers can mimic all they want without finding their own soul.

Here is the mind-blowing secret. Design inspiration is all in yourself. Deep down in your subconscious and imagination lies a pool of untapped knowledge stored away, just waiting to be used. Researchers argue that humans use less than 1-10% of their brain capacity daily. Think of all that potential left untapped!

Everyone in the creative industry seeks design inspiration to boost creativity. It is not that elusive, really. You just have to try. Here are five ways to get your inspiration flowing:

#1 Dare to Imagine

Imagination is a powerful tool that challenges reality. Your skills as a creative person and your creative output will be limited only by your imagination. You can only be as good as how much you believe you can be. And you will only achieve the abilities of what you deem is best for yourself.

– Keep your options open for new ideas to sink in.

– Stay updated with the latest trends to know who and what is the best in your field. Model yourself and your works after them.

– Imagination exercises your creativity. Successfully expressing your imagination through your art form gives you a sense of satisfaction and motivation. This probably inspires artwork that sells for millions.

#2 Develop Your Identity

Know yourself, who you are, what you are capable of, and your preferences. This is important to be unique in a creative environment. Everyone is special in his or her own manner. So being yourself will be the easiest way to create unique artwork.

– Have your own set of ideals and opinions. Use them as guidelines to create your works when feeling uninspired.

– This allows you to define your own style and be more confident with your creative work.

– Be consistent in delivering good quality results by your own guidelines.

#3 Observe Discipline

Once you got the momentum running, keep up the good work! This requires discipline. As a rule of thumb, practice makes perfect and hard work pays off. Some extreme artists make it a habit to draw for three hours a day, like how athletes train themselves for a marathon. Discipline builds your creative muscle. You will see your works improve greatly.

– Creative work is just like physical training, except that it is mentally draining. If you are not used to dedicating three hours to your craft daily, start with 15 minutes and slowly increase your time to one hour.

– Rule out procrastination. Momentum is hard to gain back once you lose it. Go slow if you need a rest, but never stop trying.

– Stay focused. It is often easier said than done most of the time. But staying focused improves the quality of your work.

#4 Relax

This is crucial before you do anything big. Staying relaxed helps you to think faster and stay on track. Some designers rely on triggering extreme moods or even excessive drinking to encourage inspiration, but the Eureka moment can take place in a comfortable state. The mind is able to absorb more information clearly without stress.

– Manage your time properly to ensure that you have enough time to plan and execute your work without excess pressure.

– Have enough rest. Not having to fight off the urge to sleep gives you more ability to focus on your task at hand.

– Please do not try this at home: You can opt to be in denial of the severity of the actual situation only if it calms you down long enough to solve your creative problem.

#5 Sign Up For Courses in the Best Design Schools

Choose to go back to school or further your studies if you find that inspiration evades you. Going to school allows you to meet more people. You can also get guidance from professional lecturers who can show you the ropes. Mingling with like-minded people will get your inspiration levels up in no time.

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