Get The Best Web Designing Tutorial from Bulletproof Digital

Get The Best Web Designing Tutorial from Bulletproof Digital

Web designing is a wonderful way of becoming creative and building something from scratch. If you have always had an inclination for all things web, this is your time to shine and out the inner coder and artist in you to the limelight. Even if it may seem very challenging in the beginning, with the correct assistance and guidance, you will be able to not only grab the basics of web designing but also sharpen your skills in this area. With advice from you will be able to become a pro at web designing.

Basics of Website Designing

A web designer is a person not only built but also maintains a website over some time. Web designing encompasses a lot of components such as color combination, graphic design, fonts, website layout, website wireframe as well as Front End coding. Although this is a big list, there is nothing to be frightened about because once you grasp the concept of one, the others fall into place. All the websites you find at World Wide Web are designed by website designers. A web designer is responsible for client-end and interaction interface models of the website. Front end coding is all about writing markup, stylesheet image, interactions as well as animated contents on the page.

Learning Web Design

When you are set to learning web design your course, you will always begin with the most critical web technologies such as HTML and CSS, which are used to build the basic layout of a website. Along with these, you also need to learn about the more advanced web technologies such as JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, Angular JS, and CSS3. All these web technologies have to be perfectly perfectly studied before you start web designing because all these components are required for building an interactive, responsive as well as attractive. You will also have to make sure that the website you design is compatible for not only desktop you but also for viewing on mobile devices. Web designing tutorials are not only dedicated to beginners but also for professionals as a refresher course.

What You Will Learn

Every course has a syllabus, and web designing is no exception to this rule. there are several components that you will have to study under this broad topic. The things that will be covered under web designing as follows:

  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language): This is used for giving the web page a sound structure and building a layout.
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet): This is used for decorating and adding details to a page already created by HTML.
  • JavaScript (Client Side Scripting): This is necessary for validating form data, handling image, and dynamic contents.
  • JQuery (JavaScript Library): This is required in building an interactive website which requires less number of codes, animation, and DOM manipulation.
  • HTML5 (Latest version of HTML): This is required for building meaning for web pages; add storage, Geo locations as well as media objects.
  • CSS3 (Latest version of CSS): extremely important for building a responsive website and add new properties and selected that will make the website more advanced.

With proper assistance from you will be able to learn these and even more and become a brilliant web designer.