Create Your Website Banner With Gimp

As a matter of fact, Gimp is a cross-platform image performer obtainable for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and further operating techniques. The without charge software it is; simply you can switch its origin code and deliver your alternatives.

Maybe you are a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, or scientist; GIMP offers you with modernized tools to get your job performed.

In short, banner ad design is a form of ads on the World Wide Web released by an ad server. This structure of online advertising involves establishing an ad into a web page. It is designed to entice traffic to a website through attaching to the site of the advertiser.

Creating banners for your blog or website permit you to make a more substantial and considerable header for your content. At the time of your work with GIMP, you’re efficient to do so for free of charge. Also, banners afford to incorporate text and images to inquire about the type of content linked to your location. To prepare banners with GIMP, apply the program’s layering devices, and alternative tools like Foreground, to gather the images and concise text required to usage as a heading announcement.

Let’s start:

  1. From the File menu select “New,” then mention Width and Height text boxes the sizes you desire for the banner ads. For websites, an approximate size that works would be 600 pixels for width and 150 pixels in altitude. Then click OK to make the canvas.
  1. As layers click “File | Open,” afterward find the way to an image that you would like to usages for the banner as a background. As the instance of the movie blog, you might naked an image of the film reel, or an image of the bodily film itself.
  1. Exercise the Open as Layers order to load an image you’d desire to take place in the banner’s foreground, like as a picture of an eminent performer, or your photo.
  1. Attempt to click the gadget palette icons figure like an arrow with four heads. This conduct the moving device. Pull on the canvas to place the foreground image at the point where you desire it. For the example of the movie blog, you may mark a picture of your favorite actor in the direction of the right, till it meeting the canvas’ right side.
  1. To choose the fantasy surrounding the thing Click “Select | Invert,” after that press “Delete” to erase that portraiture. The item you’ve selected come into view over the background image you loaded.
  2. Now click the Tools palette icon which displays boldface “A” to lead the Text tool. After that click the font switch in the Tools choice panel. Attempt to click a font you wish from the list that takes place.
  1. Pull on the canvas where you desire the heading of your banner to come into view. A small window displays by GIMP in which you can type the heading text. Typewrite the text, e.g. “Tom’s Flick Picks,” then click close to complete the Text and finalize your banner.


Indeed banner ads possible to installing anywhere at a display show, at an event as a sponsor, or outside your business place. Always a consumer takes a look your banner display. They right way become your potential customers. Easily you can attract your target customers except going overboard with your capitals. The principal to effective marketing is promoting your service or product without expense heavily on publicity. In fact Banner advertising leads one of the most preferred methods of business exposure as because it only tells to your target audience without troublesome those unconcerned in your services.