Breaking Through: Pinterest,WordPress, Facebook

Social networking sites are very popular and useful. There are tons of active people around the world that connect with one another and constantly share through social media. Social media marketing is the number one way to increase followers and online popularity. The reality of it is, most web visitors based a website’s credibility on its social media followings. The more followers a company or website has on social media, the more popular its becomes online. With popularity also comes online trust and web hits. Read below how to break through on Pinterest, WordPress, and Facebook.

Pinterest. Pinterest is a site for showcasing and sharing images. On Pinterest users can create their own boards with custom names and save unlimited pins of their choice. Becoming popular on Pinterest can be very easy. The best way for any web design company or regular web designer to become popular on Pinterest is to create a board and add custom images on there. Images that are unique and never seen before are often shared most.  When signing up for Pinterest, there are 2 options. A person can sign up as a regular user or a company. If you have a company, it is important to sign up with your company name and get an officially verified Pinterest Account.

WordPress.  WordPress is known for blogging. WordPress is a content management system that is used for a variety of different things.  A company may use WordPress just for a website or a blog, or both. This multipurpose dynamic CMS comes in 2 forms. WordPress provides both self-hosted and hosted options. A company has the option of downloading WordPress in a Zip file and then uploading it to their desired hosting company or they can just create an account on WordPress and start blogging. WordPress is the most advanced and flexible content management system that provides tons for free installs for web design themes and plugins. The main benefit of using WordPress is for blogging. Studies show that by blogging, a website will increase its SEO score and become more visible on the web. WordPress makes blogging very easy and efficient for programmers and regular individuals with no programming experience.

Facebook. Claiming a Facebook account for your company is one of the first things to do. With billions of active users, Facebook is the number one social networking website that is both for personal and business use. Fortune 500 companies list their profile on facebook. When claiming your Facebook company profile, your business image will instantly look even more credible and authentic online.

Ntw designs is a web design agency that has proven by study how important social media really is. The more active your company is on social media, the more followers gained, thus, popularity and web visibility instantly increases. Use the ways provided above to improve your social media image online.