In recent years, VPS Hosting has evolved as a preferred hosting type for different types of businesses. It offers a wide range of features and benefits to help you create a hosting environment for your website based on your preferences. However, to completely utilize all the features of a VPS, you need a certain amount of technical expertise or a technical professional by your side. This is where Managed VPS Hosting makes life easier by taking care of most of the regular technical maintenance tasks on your behalf. If you are planning to buy a VPS in India, then here are four things that you should know.

1. You should have complete root access

One of the best features of VPS Hosting is the ability to create a customized hosting environment based on the needs of your site and target customers. To do that, you need complete root access. Apart from customizing the environment, you can install security tools to tighten the security of your site and scale up the resources when needed. A technical expert from your team can make changes or someone from the provider’s team can do it for you (in case of managed services).

2. Check the storage offered by the provider

Usually, when site owners look at a hosting plan, they focus on the CPU and RAM allocation. Very few pay attention to the storage architecture used by the host. While traditionally, HDDs or Hard-Disk Drives were the only options available, today, SSDs or Solid-State Drives have replaced them by offering better functionalities, speed, and resilience. To optimally benefit from your VPS, ensure that the provider offers VPS Hosting powered with SSDs and managed services. This combination is sure to positively impact the performance of your site.

3. The provider must monitor the server for security lapses

A VPS is designed to be more secure than traditional hosting services. However, hackers and other cyber-miscreants are always looking for vulnerabilities in systems that they can exploit. With Managed VPS services, you get a team of security experts that monitor the server regularly and look for such potential vulnerabilities and patch them before they are exploited. Also, they can track any suspicious activity and take corrective action before it turns into a full-fledged attack.

4. You need 24×7 technical support

In managed services, the hosting provider takes care of the regular maintenance tasks of the server. However,  when you run a website, there can be times when unexpected errors or glitches affect your site’s performance. During such times, you need a technical support team that is available around the clock to help you deal with such issues.

Summing up

Managing a VPS Server requires a fair amount of technical knowledge to make the most out of its features. While managed services are costlier than unmanaged services, the benefits that you can derive, make them more cost-efficient. Research well and look for a hosting provider that has good reviews for its managed services and keep the above points in mind before buying. Good Luck!